Tut's Twister

Watch King Tut take over the reels, create a sandstorm and leave big wins behind. Wilds take over this slot, multiplying your wins and revealing Mystery wins!


King Tut has risen from his tomb and is venturing through the reels, wreaking
havoc but it's all good for you! The more mess the King makes, the more wins
you get out of it. Watch him throw Wilds around the reels and get your Wins
doubling, tripling and maybe expand even more. Wilds will start walking across
your reels to stay on longer and they might even discover some mystery wins!
Spin through the tomb to wake the King up

How to play

Use the options to select your Coin Denomination that suits you. Once you're
all set, hit SPIN and enter the tomb! Tut's Twister is a 5x4 slot with 25
paylines from left to right. It's filled with mysterious features to level up
your winnings:


Landing 2 or more Wild symbols will make King Tut jump onto the leftmost reel
and turn it into a sandstorm. It'll award respins if there's one other Wild on
the reels, giving out some pretty big wins!


When the Twister feature is active, all wilds will turn into walking wilds.
They will move by 1 reel position each respin from right to left.


When the Twister has been activated and there's no more Wilds on the reels, 1
extra respin is awarded. If no more Wilds appear, the Twister will scatter all
the Wilds it sucked in across the reels and the final win is awarded. If the
twister sucked in more wilds than there are reel positions, then all reel
positions are wild, and any extra wilds are discarded.


Every 3 Wilds that are on the reels, increase the multiplier by 1. The Wilds
from the first spin, excluding the leftmost wild that triggers the tornado
also increases the multiplier This will be shown on the Multiplier panel.


Each reel has its own Hieroglyph collection. When only 1 Wild lands on the
reels in the base game, it turns into a Mystery Win and could give a
hieroglyph towards that reel's collection. Filling any Hieroglyph collection
activates the Twister feature on the given reel. As well as awarding a Wild
reel, all the wilds that were collected are placed randomly across the other

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 97.10% which means for every £100 wagered
it will pay out £97.10. Please note, bonus wagering is disabled.

When the fun stops, stop