What's your favourite firework? Roman Candle? Catherine Wheel? Or is it the dazzling Fireworks slot game which takes all of these exciting explosions and brings them together in one amazing display? Light the fuse and get ready for a jackpot explosion!


When you take this slot game for a spin you can rest assured there won't be a
dull moment. Each part of the game is action-packed and colourful to give you
a show that beggars belief! The five reels and three rows of the game have 10
paylines across them, giving you 10 chances to win per game. Get ready for a
game like NO other when you countdown to the Fireworks slot

How to play

Playing this slot is far easier than setting up an intricate light show - just
select the amount of paylines you want in play and bet to begin. Pressing the
start button is like sparking the fuse on these fireworks as the reels will
start to spin in a glorious display of 3D visuals! If you're more of a
spectator, then watch the show by using the autoplay button and selecting how
many games you'd like.

Take in the sights of the game and look for matching symbols to win. Special
symbols like Wilds and Scatters will help you achieve victory more often and
make the wins more valuable. When Wilds are on these reels they'll take the
place of all but the bonus symbol, so you'll only need two of a kind and a
Wild to win. When you win in this game, the winning payline will light up like
the 4th of July, leaving no doubt in your mind what you've won! This exciting
slot game might already seem too good to be true but just wait until you see
the bonus round

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.15% which means for every £100 wagered
it will pay out £95.15.

When the fun stops, stop