Cop the Cash 2

Robbers are on the loose and you, as the toughest police officer in the country, will have to use your crime-fighting expertise to bring them down! The more robbers you lock up in Cop the Cash 2, the more prizes you can expect - so get to it!


The chase is on as you try your very best to send some pesky robbers straight
to the slammer in Cop the Cash 2! Although this slot incorporates a typical 5
reel, 20 payline set-up, the overall gameplay is a bit different - almost like
an arcade game. Have YOU got what it takes to keep the robbers off the streets
and bag some big bucks at the same time??

How to play

Cop the Cash 2 is super-easy to get to grips with, and the objective never
changes - simply spin the reels and land matching combinations to reveal
prizes. To stop the robbers before they make a clean getaway, you'll have to
find the biggest combinations spread out across the 20 paylines. The 5 reels
are filled with typical slot game symbols, and your job is to match at least 3
on a payline to earn a payout! The size of your payouts will depend on the
size of wagers, symbols etc.

Return to player

Jackpot Mechanics \- 3% of every stake is added to the progressive

jackpot. \- The original seed value is £461.25 This game has a theoretical
RTP of 95.00%. Malfunction voids all pays and play. Please note, bonus cash
cannot be wagered on this game. ## Paylines

When the fun stops, stop