Astro Legends Lyra and Erion

Break the mould and try something new from Quickfire! This game isn’t only stuffed with features but is played on a diamond shaped board to switch things up! Time for a change…


Quickfire are setting new boundaries with this golden, rule breaking slot! It’s a world of Sonic Respins, Bonus Races and Energy Collections, all adding up to give you one superstar win! The diamond shaped board allows you to win in a whole new way, making things different and of course, a lot more fun! Spin that diamond to start and change the way you play.

How to play

Set your bet using the options provided, ensuring that the amount is suited to you. When you’re ready, hit SPIN to start. The slot is played on a diamond shaped board made of 22 fields. You need to get 5 or more symbols grouped in a cluster to get the wins in.

The Multiplier Wild symbol can occur in 3 central positions. Any win that uses this Wild will have a payout multiplied by a random multiplier from 2 to 5. On every bet a random number is drawn to determine if there is a potential for a feature trigger: Respin (20%), Energy collection (10%) or nothing (70%).

If Respin Chance is selected and you have 1 winning cluster and all wins are of the same symbol, then the Respin feature is triggered.
If Energy Collection Chance is selected, a random amount of energy from 2 to 10 is added to the collection. The Bonus Race is activated once you collect 100 or more points of energy.

All winning symbols are locked in place and all other symbols respin. If any new symbols are added to the cluster, or if an additional cluster of five or more is formed as a result of this, then all of those symbols lock, and the reels are respun again. The Respin continues until there is a spin in which no new symbols are added and only at that point is the winning combination paid.


Gain 100 or more points of energy to unlock the race! Any extra energy over 100 is carried onto the next round. There are 7 rounds, in each you will pick 3 paths for the running Wolf to collect coins and avoid hits from Erion. One of the three paths will be hit at levels 1-3, two of three will be 4-7. The race continues until the 7 rounds are up or until the Wolf has been hit 3 times.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.63% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £96.63.

When the fun stops, stop