Andy Capp

Join Andy in his drunken/ hungover adventures as he leads the way to exciting bonuses and extreme jackpots! If you're feeling adventurous, all you have to do is hit spin


As Andy snores away, you'll be presented with 5 reels, 20 paylines and 5
amazing bonus rounds to keep the cash coming in. When Andy wakes up, he'll
take you on a journey to play darts, visit the local boozer, place a bet at
the bookies and so much more! There's even the chance to win UNLIMITED Free
Spins! Lucky you! Hit spin to get those wins.

How to play

Click the TOTAL BET button to increase/ decrease the amount, making sure its
suited to you. Once your Bet is set, you're ready to hit SPIN and meet Andy
Capp! The game features many modifiers which Andy can trigger on any spin if
we wakes up from his nap. Find the 3 Bonus symbols to unlock 1 of 5 Bonus

Find 3 bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 to unlock this round. Andy will wake
up from his nap and stumble across to the screen to 1 of 5 potential points.
When Andy stops in a position, your Bonus will be rewarded.


If Andy walks over to the Jolly Riveter and stops, this bonus will start. Play
through a super spin and collect top paying symbols. Every And6y Capp symbol
gained will increase your multiplier. Pick from the Beer Taps to respin the
reels or collect your winnings.


If Andy walks to the Boozer, you're about to get Free Spins! 10 initial Free
Spins are awarded, when they've all been played out, wilds are put back on the
reels for one last super spin! You can then pick from the Beer Tap to repsin
or collect.


If Andy walks to the football pitch, you've unlocked this round! Here you get
UNLIMITED Free Spins along with Sticky Wilds! On any spin, if Andy head the
football and scores a goal, a GOAL Wild remind sticky throughout free spins.
They end when the player gets a warning, a yellow card and finally a red card.


When Andy walks to the Bookies, the bonus is unlocked. You'll be given 3 bet
slips which chooses the volatility of the bonus. Pick your bet and get
playing! You will be shown the Pick Me Rosettes, pick one and a multiplier is
revealed. Collect ends the feature and pick 3 trophies to win a big money


To unlock this round, Andy will walk to the dart board. You'll be presented
with a dart board, Andy will throw 3 darts. Whatever number Andy hits will be
the multiplier awarded.


On any spin Hungover Andy can dream one of the 3 events below, keep Mrs Capp
away, she'll ruin Andy's dreams!

  • Dream Women: a mystery symbol will be revealed. The clouds will then reveal either a beautiful woman or Mrs Capp. If it's a beautiful woman the symbol upgrades, if its Mrs Capp, the modifier ends.
  • Colossal Ale: Giant 3x3 colossal wild ale are added to the reels. Colossal Ale Wilds will then spin off to reveal more colossal symbols.
  • Andy's Wild Dream: Radom Andy Capp Wilds will be added to the reels.

Return to player

This game has a base RTP of 92.70% which means that for every £100 wagered,
the expected return is £92.70 Overall RTP = 92.70% + Jackpot King Promotional
Pot Please note, bonus wagering is disabled on this game.

When the fun stops, stop