Lucky Lucky Blackjack

It's taken North America by storm, and now it's crossing the ocean to let you experience the excitement! Lucky Lucky Blackjack gives you the option to place a side bet, adding even more fun to the usual Blackjack buzz.


Go against the dealer in this online casino game, played with 6 decks of 52
cards and offering you the chance to play up to three hands at a time. Can you
beat the dealer and get your hands on a big win?

How to play

Not only is this game super entertaining, but it's also very easy to play.
Placing your bet couldn't be simpler - just click the desired chip value from
the chip selector at the bottom of the screen and then click on the blackjack
bet position to place your bet. Easy peasy! You can play up to three hands at
once on tablet and desktop, but you can only play one hand on mobile - so hop
on desktop to turn up the heat!

Placing the Lucky Lucky Bet

How lucky are you feeling? Let's hope this side bet lives up to its name when
you place it! All you have to do is place the side bet in the same way as your
main bet - by selecting the desired chip value and placing it in the bet
position. You can only place your side bet once you have placed your main bet.
When you're happy with your bets, you can hit DEAL to get your brilliant
Blackjack show on the road! Exciting. You can click UNDO at any stage while
you're placing your bets to rectify any mistakes, but you cannot do this after
you have clicked DEAL - so make sure you're satisfied before you take the

Playing Blackjack

Once your side bet has been settled, you'll be asked to play your first hand
of Blackjack. Blackjack pros will be able to play this game with their eyes
closed, but it's very straightforward for beginners too! The aim is to beat
the dealer by getting a hand value total that is higher than that of the
dealer but without exceeding 21.

If your first two cards dealt total 21, you've got Blackjack! This means
you'll win 3-2 on your blackjack bet, unless the dealer also has blackjack. If
the dealer doesn't have blackjack, then your blackjack bet will be settled
automatically and no further action will be required. However, if the dealer
does have blackjack your bet will be pushed, meaning that the hands will tie
and your original bet will be returned to you.


If the dealer's face up card is an Ace there's a good chance he/she will get
Blackjack, so you can make an insurance bet just in case this happens. You can
choose ‘no' to dismiss the insurance bet, ‘no to all' to dismiss the insurance
bet for all your hands, ‘Yes' to agree to the insurance bet for this hand only
(it will be equal to 50% of your original blackjack bet) and ‘yes to all' to
apply insurance bets (equal to 50% of your original blackjack bet) to all of
your hands. If the dealer DOES have blackjack, you'll win the Insurance bet
and you'll be paid 2-1. If the dealer does NOT have blackjack, you lose the
Insurance bet and the stake is removed from the table.

Double Down

If your first 2 cards have a combined total value of 9, 10 or 11 then you will
be offered the chance to ‘Double Down,' which means that you can double your
initial blackjack bet and you'll receive just one additional card.

Hit or Stand

If you don't get blackjack and you haven't been offered Insurance or Double
Down options, then normal game play continues and you will be presented with a
Green HIT button and the red STAND button. If you choose to HIT, you'll get an
extra card to add to the value of your hand. If this total is still less than
21 you'll be asked to HIT or STAND again. You can keep choosing ‘HIT' until
you either reach a total of 21 or go BUST. If you choose to STAND you'll move
on to the next hand and no additional cards are dealt.

Game Result

Your blackjack hands are settled from your right to your left. If your hand
total is greater than the dealer's, then you'll win 1-1 on the total blackjack
bet staked on that hand. If your hand is the same as the dealer's your bet
will be returned to you, and if the dealer's hand total is greater than your
hand total the dealer will win. At the end of the game you can choose ‘rebet'
to play the game again with the same amount bet in the last game, rebet x2 to
double the amount bet on the last game or start a new game with no bets in
place. Good luck!

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96%, which means for every £100 staked, the
expected return would be £96.00. Please note, bonus wagering is disabled.

When the fun stops, stop